this is a small collection of my favourite cds from my 20-30 ish collection - i love physical media and want to additionally start a digital flac collection at some point in the future, but it isn't viable as a student
[ATTCD006] a truly ghost-like idm album, full of brooding tones as well as euphorically nostalgic tunes such as "marilyn set me free." and "miano little miss 1565." i ironically found out about this album thru an old adult swim bumper someone uploaded to youtube, and it really connected with me - unfortunately the condition of this cd is pretty shit due to a scammy discogs seller, but it was still cheaper than buying it from his US bandcamp :^)
[YR0096CD] a blissful mix of hyperpop, ambient pop and crystal clear electronic producion from producers gud, whitearmor (+shanti on AAA), ecco2ks femme vocals melt my ears everytime. i was blessed when i managed to cop this retail cuz scalpers are selling it for double!! (apologies for the weirdly cropped art)
[????????] after months of trying to cop the vinyl for this hot piece of altpop heaven, i managed to score a press release/review copy cd of this of ebay for ÂŁ5 (!) in a stroke of luck. i love this ep so much and listen to it incredibly often, the lofi, bassy production is incredible- its a shame most of her other stuff is bland in comparison