where am i?

welcome to the quartz osc hangout! this is my personal space for blogging/music/internet related stuff!

im a sucker for well aligned layouts, so unfortunately my website isn't as chaotic as
some of the other that ive seen across neocities, however i am a webmaster and i make my own rules sooooo

(remember to clear cache after website updates)

((links to prev/next for webrings are a bit further down from here, traveller))

~boxes within boxes within boxes within boxes

website update log

updated the color scheme + new logo!! also new buttons/blinkies like always

happy nye, it only gets worse from here (moved back to normal theme)((some new links))

christmas-ish theme!! this took me a while because of my shit-awful code but its done now, hopefully i can move back to the other design easily enough come january

more blinkies + lot of new links and stuff!!

more blinkies and buttons layout stuff

added some new stuff to the resources page and changed some formatting around on the journal page, also organised the way i store my files so its easier to access what images/gifs are being used on here

also got rid of that ugly enter page lol i still wanna find a use for that fingerprint gif tho :thinking: also gallery page pls send me blinkies/buttons that u think ill like

ALSO new music player, i think it might have an ad so use adblocker, i honestly didnt know till the website update preview showed up

joined the low tech webring (lets gooo) also im disappointed i wanted to do a halloween theme but its too late now *-* maybe i will do christmas theme

added the music page finally, probably needs more additions
>literally just bladee

chatroom n stuff

added more stuff, more updates to resources and small design changes, also joined some webrings (the new-web one is currently defunct, or at least the 'previous' button is) also i have a button now in the sidebar if any1 wants
to link my site :d

another slew of updates, i think i might finally be happy with the layout+colorscheme and general look so itll be easier to add stuff now hopefully, got new update icons for the sidebar 2 so i wont have to log everything, stuff on hover, etc
(about page goin crazy)

oh god its october already
journal page added

more layout + formatting changes, removed the gif background to make the website less hard to look at :))

so like i redid the layout and added a proper sidebar after trying for ages sorry for the lack of updates whoever is out there, started uni so wasn't able to do anything! i am going to try and deuglify the sidebar buttons at some point (also sorry the music/journal buttons still don't work)

tried to make some changes regarding navigation but spent two hours hitting head against brick wall (scrollbar updates though)

loads of changes to the formatting of the website, including a new font+header+style overall! i wanted to do something more ambitious but couldn't be bothered ngl (also new song of the week? i will try adding music page soontm)

added the links, my twt on the left hand side (click call me :>) and some other misc changes to the layout/colorscheme

fixed layout issues being slightly different across pages.

about me page has been added! i will add some images soon, hopefully. i have no idea how to align them though. i got a working sidebar chun li though, so that's neat

initial layout of website pushed (finally)
now that I've (hopefully) sorted out the framework, im going to start on actual content!

birth of a website.