yogurk great archive for "discovering" digital copies of a wide range of hard-to-find japanese releases (make sure u use ublock & the universal bypass extension)
(clone)vaporwave libary project a clone of a site which archives vaporwave music from across the years. dont sue me..
initial d cd source a source to find digital copies of basically all currently released initial d cds that someone totally didnt rip
sarah records archive sarah records official website which is host to a buttload of archival material (press, posters, discographies, literally everything for bands like the field mice and heavenly, highly recommend if ur a fan of any1 on the label
curve old website curve (the bands) old website which is deliciously terrible, for some reason it went down recently but luckily it was archived
bbc radio urls complete list of urls for the bbc various online radio streams, radio 6 thru winamp all day babe
dj screw discog archive very complete archive of dj screws discog, with all 200 chapters of the diary of the originator series
bjork homepage bjorks old website circa 2009. im sorry but i had to include this because the lil pixel art album icons are so cute
tokyo fruits zine archive a link to 50 odd issues of the tokyo harajuku fruits magazine that focus on 90s/early 2000s street fashion, loads of cool inspo here
y2k aesthetic
one of the best tumblr pages for (especially) y2k fashion inspo and y2k design, from fonts to history to architecture
gothic&lolita bible zine scans i saw that br0ken-rawr linked to these zine scans on their page, however when i tried the links they were all broken, managed to find a reupload of all of em, cleaned them up and zipped them, gdrive link should work fine (included: issues 1-42, extra1, extra2, 2 other special issues i presume)

(you will will need CDisplayEX or something similar to view the files easily)
alloy fall 1997 scan
alloy holiday 1998 scan
saw these links on yupthatsme' page, decided to archive them on the wayback machine and link them back here seen as they are p neat, early 200s fashion insp
japanese /fa/ zine scans (various) archive link to pastebin file containing a variety of links to some japanese fashion zine scans, by some guy on /fa/ - there's a link to the entire collection as well. if the google drive link ever goes down ill reupload. there's a real nice variety of stuff here though *(be wary its around 20-or-so gigs in full)*
useful resources a link to a resource page which hosts a small collection of useful resources, such as cybersecurity stuff, protest gear guides, design standards/manuals and other stuff (shout out @gum_mp3) an absolutely masssive libary of free ebooks/epubs/pdfs - if you can name it its probably here and is absolute gold for edu textbooks
vimms lair large archive for discovering old games and roms, has an extremely wide selection including N64, PS2, Dreamcast, SNES, Saturn, Wii, etcetera, etcetera
web design
a museum of old websites - with links to web archive links. useful for looking at old html and pulling stuff but also just fun to look at
textfile archive a site that archives many, many old text files from the 90s onwards, including some... anarachy related stuff, weird fetish text porn and everything in between, still interesting though
cpunk glossary an old website that houses a massive list of cyberpunk slang - drawing from shadowrun, cyberpunk 2020 and other sources website that lets you search for old websites that are still online, idk where it pulls from but its similar to gifcities
yt-channels [music]
ambiance a great channel that consistently posts 90s/early 2000s jungle/dnb from the likes of ltj bukem/peshay/etc
acceljoe another good channel that posts primarily pc-98 music, along with vgm and other electronic stuff
vgm hall of
another channel for finding an obscure-yet-great pick of old and new vgm
a channel that primarily posts asian shoegaze/alt stuff, generally only full albums and not comps/live stuff
like the previous, but bigger - posts live videos, full albums, and comps of japanese music of all kinds from shibuya-kei to shoegaze to altrock
pc music official channel for the pc music label, go chase those data packets people!! would rec listening to the pc music comps (1&2)
fareastrecording official channel for the far east recording label - which hosts loads of cool electronic/house stuff, really fun! go listen to omodaka (their early channel aesthetic is unmatched)
sunsetcorp the og channel that hosts videos from the 'memory vague' album/release - including the original video for 'nobody here' by oneohtrix point never
mg archive an archive of all of machine grrrls mixes, some live stuff+singles+other things? its nice if u dont use soundcloud tho
rare my no1 fav uploader for phonk/trap digicore soundcloud songs and compilations, the goat
yt-channels [other]
metal scar one of the best channels for simpons clips/compilations, easy background watching material (for free), frequent uploads 2
hobbes sakuga channel that post semi-frequent sakuga (作画) MAD's (basically, cool anime animation+music), generally themed ie machine sakuga, explosion sakuga, fighting, etcetera
n-o-d-e posts videos relating to tech news, cybersecurity and other cool edgetech, with neat graphics and visuals (i love his casio mod videos)
toonami aftermath a site that streams old 90s cartoons 24/7, interspersed with ads, i didnt exactly grow up in the 90s but this is nice to have on in the background (includes stuff like dragonball, sailor moon, cn stuff, etc
my90stv a site that shows old 90s ads, music, tv and various other things in a neat little interactive tv thing, its pretty fun
glittertext maker a simple retro glitter text maker! used this for my linkbox and big ol logo at the top of the page! inspiration taken from aquamiki
NOW! website dedicated to various NOW! 88x31 buttons and other lil things
anti-button campaign another archived button page, with some unique buttons and other things, annoyingly a lot of the other pages he linked cant be accessed on wayback machine
glitter-graphics tonnes of gifs and glittery blinkies for u to use
fun-lover some more... buttons
thefirstbannerad a website that shows a replication/and the story behind one of the first internet banner ads ran by AT&T
prettymuchok an old website that lists a variety of very old browser software, its quite amusing to look back on a time when there were so many popular browsers - as opposed to the big 5 or so browers of today
1tb of kilobyte
a tumblr page that posts a screenshot from the geocities archive every 20 mins
y2k web links an old plaintext website that links too and shows off a variety of y2k preparedness resources from pre-2000, when people still thought the y2k bug was gonna be a thing
noclip a cool website that lets you explore virtual world files from a variety of nintendo/other games, like mario kart, hl2, etcetera
ribbon campaigns a site dedicated to listing old ribbon campaigns, last updated in 2001. although there is sus stuff on here (mainly pro-life, etcetera) its still interesting to look at
cowboy bepop fansite
with links
a link to a cowboy bepop fansite which hosts links to others, many of them are nearly two decades old and long dormant
google gravity i spent so much time on this page back in primary school (literally just old google with physics)